How to Guess Ring Size

How to Guess Ring Size?

It’s not just about picking a ring, you know the size and style particularly of ladies being referred to keeping in mind the end goal to pick the ideal ring. When you are asking ‘the one you adore’ to wed you-it can be alarming!! However, picking a delightful ring that you know she will love …

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Which Diamond Clarity is best

Which Diamond Clarity is Best?

Diamonds are the most expensive piece of gems or jewelry currently found on planet Earth. As the price of the diamond is according to its purity, you must know some essential points before buying a diamond. It is tough to check the blemishes and inclusions on its surface without technology. In this situation, you can …

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yellow vs white diamond

Yellow Diamond vs White Diamond

Introduction to Yellow and White Diamond   Yellow Diamond Yellow diamonds and other colored diamonds are especially uncommon and delightful. The particular shade of the diamond is controlled by the kind of molecule that influenced the procedure. Yellow diamonds take on their common shading when a specific gathering of nitrogen molecules enters the jewels and …

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determine diamond clarity

How to determine diamond clarity

Diamond clarity is the assessment and checking of small imperfections on the diamond’s surface. The imperfections may be some blemishes on the surface or internal flaws that are called inclusions. All these imperfections are so tiny that you can only watch them with a microscope. On the other hand, if you want a perfect diamond …

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colorless diamond

What are colorless diamonds?

Should you pick them, although you likely heard that colorless diamonds are the highest quality stones whilst it comes to color? And more important must your diamond be? Colorless vs. near colorless diamonds According to the machine used by the GIA. (Gemological Institute of America), diamond coloration is graded using letters, which in turn are grouped into coloration ranges. The maximum important thing to understand when considering diamonds of different colorations is that each color grade is based upon a range of color, and …

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