How Many Carats Should Your Engagement Ring Be?

How Many Carats Should Your Engagement Ring Be


A perfect sparkling engagement ring is every girl’s dream. But it is never an easy task to buy a ring. It becomes a challenge for men to get that perfect ring for their lady love.

To buy something you have no idea of, can pop up many questions such as,

  • What should the ring look like?
  • How many carats would look good?
  • Should I go for a big one or a small stone?

You are definitely going to face these problems. But no need to worry, we are here to solve your problem!

We will provide you with a guideline on how many carats should you invest in for your ring.


Diamond Carat:

First of all, you should know what Carat means for a diamond.

A Carat is a measure of the weight of the diamond. Most people mistake it for size, but they are two different factors. Two diamonds of different shapes may be of the same carat but they will differ in size.


How many carats does the average engagement ring have?

According to research, the average carat weight for an engagement ring lies around 0.6 to 1.02 carat.

The reason why one-carat weight is famous for engagement rings is that a full carat is a size that suits almost every hand. Plus, it is a target many can achieve.


How many carats should your engagement ring be?

The answer to this question ‘How many carats should your engagement ring be’, should be totally based on two things, personal preference, and budget.

If you buy a ring according to the average weight and it doesn’t suit her taste that would go waste.

There are certain factors to look upon before you decide the Carat weight for the ring.

Consider these factors and then decide what carat should your ring be!

  • Set a Budget:

The most important thing is to set a budget. If you look upon a carat weight that is out of your budget, it will cause you a lot of trouble.

Better if you set a budget and then move to carat weight.

  • Finger Size:

Have you heard, ‘Bigger is always better’? Well, that’s not true in this case. If you buy a big carat diamond for someone with small hands, the diamond ring will look odd.

And a bigger stone doesn’t always need to be a better stone. A smaller diamond with an excellent cut can shine better than a bigger one.

It is, therefore, better to take notice of the finger size of your partner, so you may select a carat weight that suits her hand size.

  • Personal Preference:

The Carat weight of the ring should firstly match her personal preference. Some girls dream of a bigger stone and some prefer delicate small stones.

If the ring is according to her taste, she is definitely going to love it.



Consider these factors when choosing carat weight for your ring. An idea of the right size will help you find a ring that your significant other would love to wear.

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