How much does a Lab Created Diamond Cost?

Lab Created Diamond Cost

When we talk about lab-created diamonds and their price, the conversation goes long as the man-made diamond prices have changed greatly in the years.

But before we jump into deep, let us have a quick look at what actually are lab-created diamonds.


What are Lab-Created Diamonds?

Lab-created diamonds (also known as man-made or synthetic diamonds) are grown in highly controlled laboratories that replicate the natural diamond growing process.

The advanced machinery helps to create the conditions for crystallizing the carbon atoms into a brilliant sparkling diamond stone.

The result is a man-made stone that mirrors the same qualities as the natural one. The lab-grown diamonds are physically and chemically identical to earth-mined diamonds.

It is hard to tell a difference between a natural and a synthetic stone unless you are a gemologist expert. The difference is not visible to the naked eye.

Cost of Lab Grown Diamonds

Cost of Lab-Grown Diamonds:

The cost price of a lab-grown diamond is their biggest pro. They are 30-40% cheaper than natural diamonds. You can have a conflict-free diamond priced up to 40% less than a similar real diamond.

But the price is also the biggest con of lab-made diamonds. These diamonds have a very low resale value. If you ever need to sell your stone, you will not get even half of your investment.

For example, you bought a lab-made diamond that costs $4,000. When you resell it, you might make just $50 or even less.


Plummeting Value of Lab-Made Diamonds:

As earlier said, the prices for lab-grown diamonds have changed dramatically in the years.

At the beginning of 2017, the lab-made diamonds were 25% higher priced than real diamonds.

But the price for man-made stones dropped drastically. The real diamond is now more expensive than a man-made stone.

The real diamond’s price steadily rises over time. While the lab-created diamond’s price falls because of the availability of less expensive and more innovative technology. Another reason for the low price of the man-made diamond is because of the almost zero resale value.

This is why man-made diamonds are less priced as compared to natural diamonds. And the price might drop even further.

Should You Buy A Lab Made Diamond

Should You Buy A Lab-Made Diamond?

If you see your diamond as an investment, then the lab-made diamond is the worst bang for your buck. But if you ought to keep it forever, then this is the best option for you as you can get more visual bang at a much lesser price.

The lab-created diamonds also come with a grading report like natural diamonds.

Right now lab-grown diamonds possess only 2% of total market share. But the market is broadening every year. It may get up to 15% to 20% a year.



Lab-created diamonds are very much real diamonds – just not mined from the Earth. And they are no bad deal at all. You get a beautiful stone, possessing the same qualities and consisting of the same structure as of an earth-mined diamond, at a much lesser price. You can use the remaining money to create a more beautiful ring for your diamond. Who wouldn’t love that?

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