Which Diamond cut Sparkles the Most?

which diamond cut sparkles the most

“The diamond has been always esteemed the rarest stone, and the most precious of all: among the ancients, it was called the stone of reconciliation”

The quote shows that diamonds are always considered as a precious gem that everyone cannot afford. Diamonds are the most popular gemstones in the world. People spent more money on the diamond than other gemstones. Diamonds are gifted as a sign of love in engagements or any other memorable moments.

Why does Diamond Sparkle?

Let us take a look, why does diamond sparkle or what makes a diamond to sparkle the most?

Sparkling is the property of diamond that how much does it take the light.  The sparkle of the diamond is due to cut and the facet angles that are planned to have as much as the light reflection from its internal on people. The cut doesn’t mean the shape but to the properties that determine its 

  • Appearance 
  • angles of its facet 
  • design 
  • polishing 

These properties give it brilliance, scintillation (fluorescence), pattern and fire. The cut has a great influence on diamond’s brilliance, shortly perfect the cut greater will be luminous and poor the cut less will be luminous of the diamond.
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Round Brilliant-cut sparkle the most

According to the meaning and properties of sparkle now let’s talk about that which cut sparkles the most. So the most sparkling diamond cut it round a brilliant cut. It sparkles the most because it has fifty-seven or more facets of different angles that reflect the light. It has an oval shape. The total internal reflection causes the more sparkle that attracts the customer towards itself. It is a very excellent choice for modern jewelry. It is the priority of customers because of its brilliance and luster.  The sparkle of brilliant-cut diamond attracts the customer towards itself. It is mostly used for rings and necklaces. As it sparkles the most so it is expensive. 

A princess-cut diamond is the most popular after the round brilliant-cut diamond. It has a flat square shape. It is less expensive than the round-cut diamond.  Princess-cut diamond has the most potential to sparkle than any other fancy-shaped diamond cuts to show almost equal brilliance of the round-cut brilliant diamond. So princess-cut diamond the choice of most of the customers due to sparkle and the affordable price.

The round brilliant cut diamond is modified into some other cuts. Oval Shaped cut diamond is one of the modified cuts. Customers choose an oval shape cut diamond if they don’t want a round shaped diamond, it can only be big or small but in the end, it has the same round shape. So to get something different people choose an oval-shaped diamond cut. Oval-cut diamond has less price than a brilliant-cut diamond. It has a unique design and seems larger than the round-cut diamond because of its larger surface area. Then the emerald- cut diamond, these diamonds not sparkle as the brilliant-cut diamond, but are preferred sometimes due to its price. Marquise cut diamonds are the biggest looking diamonds and not expensive. People prefer this diamond for engagement rings.  The Heart shape diamond cut sparkles the least though it has 59 facets.


The above facts show that the round brilliant-cut diamond sparkles the most. Due to the sparkling round Brilliant-cut diamonds are expensive. There are other alternatives if someone can’t afford a round brilliant-cut diamond but then they have to compromise on sparkle and brilliance. 

The given table gives the values of facets, Depth percentage, Length to width ratio and sparkle, to show that which diamond sparkles the most:

S.No Diamond-Cut Facet Depth Percentage Length to width Ratio Sparkle
1 Round Brilliant Cut 57-58 58.5-62.8% 1.05:1.00 Excellent
2 Princess Cut 50 or 58 60-76% 1:1 Almost Excellent
3 Oval Cut 56 56-72% 1.5:1 Good
4 Emerald Cut 44 60-76% 1.35-1.65:1 Fair
5 Marquise Cut 58 56-72% 2:1 Good
6 Heart Shape Cut 59 56-72% 1.20:1.00 Poor


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