What Color Diamond is the Rarest and Most Expensive in the world

Which Color Diamond is the Rarest and Most Expensive

Diamond is a form of carbon. It has a maximum hardness. Diamonds are scarce and expensive. Most diamonds come from 150-250km in the lithosphere. Natural and real diamonds reveal blue light under black light. Diamonds are very rigid. They can be stored for billions of years. Normally the size of a diamond makes it rarer. The colored beauty and inner fire have made diamond precious, and two diamonds can never be the same. The very first diamond was discovered in India about 6000 years ago. Diamonds are measured in carat which is approximately equal to one-fifth of a gram.

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Rarest Diamond in the World:

Fancy colored diamonds are considered as precious and rarest in the world. These are less than 0.1% of all diamond mines in the world. Most rare diamonds can price up to millions of dollars. These are also called fancy colored diamonds.  Let’s know about the most precious diamond in the world.


Red Diamond

Red Diamond:

Red Diamond is known as the rarest and expensive diamond in the world. Red diamonds just look like pink diamonds. Typically their range is around thousands of dollars per carat. It’s tough to find them in a large size because they are found mostly in the size of less than one caret. The largest red diamond till discovered is of 5.11 carat named Moussaieff Red and only a handful of red diamonds are discovered on an annual basis. Red diamonds are the most famous. These are among the 12 colors of fancy diamonds. Their clarities can range just like white diamonds.


Origin of Red Diamond:

Usually, it is believed that background or pink diamonds and red diamonds are the same. According to theory, it is accepted that during diamond formation, in the crystal lattice, plastic deformation occurred. In which some atoms are misplaced. As time passed, high pressure causes variation in shades of pink, and it turned into red. Red diamonds are dark pink diamonds. Red diamonds can be achieved by irradiating a colorless diamond at high temperature and high pressure.


Classification of Red Diamond:

Red diamonds are classified by four Cs like, Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat weight.



Color in Red diamonds varies due to hue and saturation. For example is gives many shades like Orange-Red, Purple-Red or Brown-Red. These all are secondary colors, but the red diamond does not exist in tertiary colors. Pure Red diamond is considered as highly rare and expensive. Brownish-Red is regarded as inferior in categories of Red diamond. All shades of Red diamonds price is more than $400,000 per carat. But real Red diamond costs more than it.


The clarity of the Red diamond is measured just like other diamonds. Most of the Red diamonds fall within the range of VS1-S12. Moussaieff Red which is the largest Red diamond was graded with internal clarity. The clarity of the Red diamond does not affect a lot on its value. But it is not valid for all diamonds because in less expensive diamonds clarity is considered as a significant factor.


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Mostly Red diamonds exist in less than 1 carat in weight. Only 5 Red diamonds are known which are touching 5 carats. As we know that only a handful of Red diamonds are discovered in a year, more of them are of less than 1 carat. Red diamonds are 300-400% expensive than Pink or blue diamonds.


The cut of the Red diamond is like a Colorless diamond. But Red diamonds need more accurate cutting because they are very precious. They need to be cut in the best proportion to achieve maximum brilliance and sparkle.


Red Diamond Mines:

Most of the Red diamonds come from Western Australia. But these are also discovered in Brazil, Russia, and Africa. The first Red diamond was found in 1956. Moussaieff Red was found in Brazil. As the origin of Red and Pink diamonds is the same, we can easily say that Red diamonds can quickly found where pink diamonds found. These are mostly found in Argyle Mine.


Famous Red Diamonds:


Moussaieff Red Diamond

It is considered as largest Red Diamond in the world. Its weight is 5.11 carat.  It was discovered in Brazil in 1990.


kazanjian Red Diamond

It is the second-largest Red diamond in the world. It was discovered in Africa. Its weight is 5.05 carat.


De Young Red Diamond

The weight of this Red diamond is 5.03 carat. It is 3rd largest Red diamond in the world.


Some Other Rarest and Expensive Color Diamonds:


  • Blue Diamond
  • Pink Diamond
  • Orange Diamond
  • Green Diamond


Blue Diamonds

Blue Diamonds:

Blue diamonds are a second-rarest diamond in the world. Their color is blue because there is a little amount of Boron in it. Very first Blue diamond was found in India. However, it has also been discovered in South Africa, Western Australia, and Argyle Tender. Hope Diamond is the most notable diamond in Blue diamonds. Its weight is about 45.52 carat.


Pink Diamond

Pink Diamond:

Pink diamonds are known for their passionate colors and have the highest marketing demand. Pink diamonds are mostly formed in Western Australia. The most notable Pink diamond is Pink star with 59.6-carat weight. The pink diamond is an excellent source of investment. Famous Pink diamonds are Perfect Pink and Graff Pink with 24.78-carat weight.


Orange Diamond

Orange Diamond:

Orange diamonds are stunning and fancy colored diamonds, but they have low demand in the market. Pumpkin Orange Diamond is the most notable Orange diamond. Most Orange diamonds are found in Australia.  These modifying colors are brown or yellow. The orange glow is a secondary color in Orange diamonds.


Green Diamond

Green Diamond:

The green diamond is also one of the rarest diamonds in the world. It is different from other diamonds; color is difficult to enhance. Ocean Dream and Dresden Green Diamond are famous in this category. Dresden Green is 41 carat, and ocean dream is 5.51 carat, natural diamond. Dresden Green was found in India.



All these fancy colored diamonds are rare and considered as the most expensive diamonds in the world. Their worth is millions of dollars. Their color is natural with high marketing value. These all diamonds are an excellent source of investment.


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